Managing Aggression among Adolescents

Aggression is a behavior directed at harming or injuring someone directly or indirectly. Direct ways can include physical aggression, assault, verbal assault, and indirect ways can include spreading rumours, or relational aggression-harming one’s social status, gossiping, alienating someone etc. Adolescents often engage in bullying, throwing temper tantrums, using weapons, physical fighting, vandalism, cruelty towards animalsContinue reading “Managing Aggression among Adolescents”

Mental Health Curriculum: An Educational Perspective

For quite some time, we have been talking about the need for addressing mental health at the school level and ultimately a mental health curriculum. So today we thought we will get a little more elaborate on what exactly is a mental health curriculum and what will it look like. Curriculum is a term thatContinue reading “Mental Health Curriculum: An Educational Perspective”

Let’s be Assertive!

At Metamorphosis, as we curated, shared and understood the various modules we offered, we realized the importance of assertiveness. Talking about bullying, dating violence, body-image issues, stress management, emotional intelligence, child-sexual abuse, ACE or any broad topic that we addressed so far- we realized a common theme that could act as primary prevention or aContinue reading “Let’s be Assertive!”

Should parents, teachers and children be sensitized towards Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)?

It is every 9 minutes that Child Protective Services (CPS) claims 1 case of CSA (RAINN, 2021). Males and females equally are both victims and perpetrators of CSA (RAINN, 2021). At schools, and as parents we teach our child, ‘stranger is danger’, but according to CPS, only 7% of CSA perpetrators are strangers. 59% areContinue reading “Should parents, teachers and children be sensitized towards Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)?”

Mental Health Education in Schools: Indian Context

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, and more unashamed conversations.” -Glenn Close Our schools teach us everything, except Mental Health. Although on paper, we have policies and guidelines outlining its importance, it is hardly implemented in Indian school settings. The primary step towards addressing mental health education in schools must be psychoeducationContinue reading “Mental Health Education in Schools: Indian Context”

Self-perception and Body Image among Adolescents

Body image refers to how and what you think and feel about your body. It incorporates the image of your body that you have in your brain, which may or may not coordinate your body’s real shape and size. Healthy body image refers to feeling positive, happy, and satisfied with the way one looks andContinue reading “Self-perception and Body Image among Adolescents”

Is it really important to talk about addiction?

Conversations around addiction have always remained something that is not encouraged in families, not initiated in schools and not discussed outside certain groups. Is this good or bad? Is it really important to talk about addiction? The purpose of this article is not to make judgements, but to provide different vantage points from which weContinue reading “Is it really important to talk about addiction?”

What did our Survey Reveal?

A Short Survey to Understand the Need of Incorporating Mental Health Education in Schools conducted by Metamorphosis Metamorphosis is an initiative to shape Mental Health education at schools. To understand the need of this pressing issue, Metamorphosis conducted a short survey to understand the perceived importance of Mental Health Education at schools amongst Indian population.Continue reading “What did our Survey Reveal?”

Are our Dating Relationships Healthy? Addressing Dating Violence in High School!

Trigger Warning: The content below might trigger memories of abuse or trauma. What is Dating Violence? Dating violence, dating abuse, teenage dating violence, adolescent dating violence, or intimate partner violence are all different terms that refer to abusive behaviors in dating relationships meted out by one adolescent onto another. Public health and violence prevention fieldsContinue reading “Are our Dating Relationships Healthy? Addressing Dating Violence in High School!”

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