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Managing Aggression among Adolescents

Aggression is a behavior directed at harming or injuring someone directly or indirectly. Direct ways can include physical aggression, assault, verbal assault, and indirect ways can include spreading rumours, or relational aggression-harming one’s social status, gossiping, alienating someone etc. Adolescents often engage in bullying, throwing temper tantrums, using weapons, physical fighting, vandalism, cruelty towards animalsContinue reading “Managing Aggression among Adolescents”

Let’s be Assertive!

At Metamorphosis, as we curated, shared and understood the various modules we offered, we realized the importance of assertiveness. Talking about bullying, dating violence, body-image issues, stress management, emotional intelligence, child-sexual abuse, ACE or any broad topic that we addressed so far- we realized a common theme that could act as primary prevention or aContinue reading “Let’s be Assertive!”

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